Rio Valley Stables
Rio Grande, Ohio

                                                                                                                About Us

Our Story...

     As the owner/operator of "Rio Valley Stables, LLC.," I would like to share a bit about myself.  My name is Patricia Ann Slayton (aka "Miss Patti") from Northup, Ohio where I have lived over 40 years.  Since I was a small child I have always done whatever it took to be around horses.  I grew up working for the neighboring farms in exchange for riding time.  This "love of equine" continued after I graduated from high school as I ventured to Oklahoma City and became a student/employee of Oklahoma Horseshoeing/Horse Training School;  I received my certification thereof.
     I have always remained loyal to my first love of horses, but life's demands prevailed and I pursued my professional training in social work (BSW).  I worked as an Administrator in the public domain for several years until my parent's declining health required me to provide continual care.  Equine-related activities provided me with a small income while providing this care.  These activities led to the origination of me wanting my own stables and being able to share my love of horses with the public.
     Rio Valley Stables' idea originated nominally in 2006 but opened its' doors to the public in 2009.
     "Rio Valley Stables, LLC.," will be providing equine education and entertainment to all ages, however, the highest priority will be to bring back an overall sense of a "down on the farm" atmosphere/enthusiasm with a philosophy of sharing a rural experience to all that it serves.

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